In order to fulfill your responsibilities as an employer, it can mean a wide range of safety and rescue training, at a considerable cost in terms of both money and time lost on the job. This can be hard to justify when you only perform a task infrequently. The better solution would be hiring standby safety and rescue services for those rare occasions when additional safety and rescue skills are required.
To make your job simple and safe, we can provide trained, certified, experienced & insured standby safety and rescue personnel. Hire us for a few hours, several days, or even weeks. It's often the most efficient solution in terms of time and money spent. And it's definitely the safest.
Our safety and rescue professionals can serve as stand-alone resources. We have a track record of working with clients in a manner that meets both their operational standards and best practices. And there's never any "blow back" because our technicians meet provincial and national OSH standards.
So let us help you lower your risk profile. Put our expertise to work in high risk environments
Employers are responsible for ensuring their personnel are operating safely in every facet of their jobs. This is clearly outlined by OHS regulations in every province Regulation 32.2 Training:

  1. Workers designated to provide rescue or evacuation services must be adequately trained.
  2. The training program must include simulated rescue or evacuation exercises and regular retraining, appropriate to the type of rescue or evacuation being provided, and training records must be kept.

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