We're confident our hydroblasting applications will meet or exceed your needs for demolition, coating removal, surface preparation, stripping and surface restoration. We provide cost-effective solutions, while mitigating expenses attributed to downtime. Our hydroblasting techniques are proving to be the method of choice for demolition and surface stripping/preparation/restoration.

Hydroblasting is the only way to meet the SC-2 standard for removing soluble salts, which hamper adhesion and often lead to coating failure. Our application accomplishes goals in a fraction of the time, while avoiding the significant expense, airborne pollutants, and clean-up problems associated with sand/grit blasting. The ultra-high pressure water-jetting (up to 40,000 psi) eliminates "cavities" that can form during grit blasting, and restores the surface's original profile. Coatings, rust, and other tough adherents are removed without the environmental hazards of grit blasting, and prepares surfaces for successful coating.

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