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Rigolet Diesel Plant Storage Tank Replacement

Rigolet Diesel Plant Storage Tank Replacement

Job Description:

The removal of two existing 90,000L horizontal storage tanks, and erection of a new 400,000L vertical storage tank, complete with dyke / tank pad preparation, and associated piping.

The Rigolet Diesel Plant is an operating facility owned by a Provincial Company located in Rigolet, Labrador.

EWMS was contracted to replace two existing 90,000L horizontal diesel tanks with a new field erected tank, as well as associated dyke / tank pad work, and piping replacement. EWMS was responsible for all necessary field construction, the procurement of all materials, the installation of all Owner-supplied material and equipment, inspection, testing, certification, commissioning and warranting of the completed work in accordance with API 650.

Scope of work included:
  • Cleaning, removal, handling and disposal of two (2) 90,000L existing horizontal single walled fuel storage tanks, associated piping/valves/fittings etc., and waste fuel/sludge
  • Construction of new 400,000L vertical fuel storage complete with, piping and all associated items
  • Construction of new tank pad
  • Tank foundation preparation in existing dyke system

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